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Madhya Pradesh PARICHAI (MP PARICHAI) is a centralized data repository which contains demographic details of the residents of Madhya Pradesh. The repository is built over a period of time with the integration of data from different government departments.

The key objectives of setting up the PARICHAI in Madhya Pradesh are as follows:

  1. Establish a Clean, Authenticated and de-duplication data repository for all the Residents of the State of Madhya Pradesh
  2. Enable efficient service delivery through integration with Aadhaar Authentication
  3. Support State Government Departments in effective planning of welfare and development Schemes
  4. Establish the frameworks for effective monitoring of schemes
  5. Enable the transformation of service delivery through integrated service delivery
  6. View 360-degree profile of a resident

MP PARICHAI now further extends the utility of the demographic data of state residents by linking the “Aadhaar No.” to the collaterals (multiple unique identities) of a beneficiary in multiple Government Welfare Schemes.

PARICHAI adheres to the principle of “Single Source of Truth”, as it maintains demographic and biometric information of Madhya Pradesh state residents provided by Unique Identity Authority of India (UIDAI) at one place. PARICHAI paves the way for accurate identification of the beneficiary at the time of disbursal of the benefits, later followed by multiple perspectives of analysis such as the distribution, the pattern of use, the comparison of eligibility criteria across multiple schemes, etc., of beneficiaries. MP PARICHAI is a complete portal which hosts services such as:

  1. PARICHAI search facility:The search facility enables the Departments or the Government outlets to search the PARICHAI through single or multiple criteria to identify a beneficiary for providing services to the beneficiaries.
  2. Aadhaar Seeding Utility:This service will help enrich Aadhaar seeding in the departmental database, through “reverse seeding” and / or “self seeding”. Reverse seeding is a process where citizen indicates his consent to seed his/her Aadhaar in some other department’s database, while utilizing services of a particular department. For example while applying for Driving license at Dept. of Transport, citizen presents Voter Id as his/her proof of address and performs Aadhaar authentication with consent to match and prepare his/her golden data i.e. ‘reverse seed’ Election database with his/her Aadhaar information. While Self seeding is a process where citizen logs into PARICHAI Citizens portal using his/her Aadhaar authentication giving match and prepare golden data consent , and discloses his/her domain ids in other departments.
  3. Resident’s Self Seeding Portal:The PARICHAI solution also provides a web based utility to all the residents to enable them to provide details to the Government through web portal.
  4. KYC+ Services:The PARICHAI will help view residents’ detail as per his/her consent fetching data through web services, utilizing its integration with various other departments.
  5. Aadhaar Authentication and Aadhaar eKYC services:The PARICHAI is Authentication User Agency which route all the authentication and eKYC transactions from State Government Departments to UIDAI and share the response back to the State Government Departments.
  6. Business Intelligence dashboard for monitoring and planning:Business intelligence dashboard is provided to the key officials within the Departments for effective decision making and planning.
  7. Analytical Reports for Departments:MP PARICHAI also prepare Analytical reports which shall be of interest to the State Government Departments on the basis of their reporting requirements.
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